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ISO 9001 : 2015
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ALMARWAD Intl. has an experienced team of mechanical engineers competent in the development of quality mechanical design deliverables for the industrial sector. ALMARWAD Intl.'s engineers use standard industry practices and a suite of computer aided design tools to quickly translate client requirements into practical & safe designs that can be used in the real world.
ALMARWAD Intl. has engineers with proven and professional track record in the design of numerous installations in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical Plants, Power Generation Plants, Industrial Plants and Buildings. Design work developed by the engineers at ALMARWAD Intl. is in support of plants currently in operation as well as those requiring upgrades or specific modifications.

The Mechanical Engineering team can provide design and data for specialized equipments, specific technical scope for the procurement of specialized process equipment such as: pig receivers/launchers, knockout drums, filters, pressure vessels, fired heaters, heat exchangers, coolers, pumps and compressors, turbines, and other specialized rotating equipment. We also provide the technical support data for interface loads between equipment and supporting structures, basic flow and dynamic data for industrial and process piping design, design of the fire fighting systems specific to a given site, such as water storage, pumping stations, foam addition equipment and fire water distribution and sprinkler systems, design of inert gas distribution systems such as CO2, amongst others, for the protection of sensitive equipment used in communication, control and electrical rooms.

We provide piping and mechanical designs pertaining to ASME B31.1, B31.3, and various ASME Boiler Codes. We also provide piping erection isometrics, CAD generated pipe fabrication spool sheets, and design of high and low pressure/temperature pipe systems, hangers and supports, We also provide piping stress analysis, pipe support design & power piping design developed in the latest software platforms.
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