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The ALMARWAD Intl.'s Instrumentation & Control System design team is well experienced and capable of providing quality design deliverables for any complex industrial process.  Our engineers use standard industry practices and a suite of computer aided design tools to quickly translate client requirements into practical & safe designs that can be used in realization of the control philosophy.
ALMARWAD Intl. has a proven and professional track record in the design of numerous installations in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical Plants, Power Generation Plants and Buildings. ALMARWAD Intl. has control system design engineers who are extensively experienced in KNPC as well as KOC systems and the Design work developed by them has been in support of plants currently in operation as well as those that require upgrades or specific modifications.

The Instrument & Control system design engineers at ALMARWAD Intl. posess extensive experience in process control design, implementation and development of advanced control systems, the design and installation of distributed control systems, configuration of SCADA systems and development of PLC based controls. The engineers has experience with Wonderware Intouch, Allen-Bradley RSlogix, Emerson RS3 Systems, Emerson Delta V Systems, Invensys IA series systems, Invensys Triconex systems, Honeywell Experion systems and Honeywell Safety Manager systems.

The Instrumentation Engineering team can provide design and data for specialized systems, specific technical scope for the procurement of specialized control system and instrumentation such as Distributed Control Systems, Emergency Shutdown Systems, High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems, Programmable Logic Controllers, Asset Management Systems, Alarm Management Systems, Wall Display Systems, Real Time Data Base Systems, Flow Metering Systems and all types of field instrumentation including pressure instruments, level instruments, temperature instruments, flow instruments, analytical instruments & control valves.
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